Feelin Sexy 24/7 Part I

When you hear the phrase "feeling sexy" what comes to mind?  Confidence? Attractiveness?  Or does some other social standard come into view?  Probably for most, confidence and attractiveness will rank near the top of the list along with a few other social standards whose origins typically stem from the visual.  And odds are, that the social standards which initially come to mind, are more likely than not, the standards you never had an opportunity to vote on.

The truth is, feeling sexy is whatever you perceive it to be.  The only real problem with perception, is when your perceptions are anchored to thoughts and or activities that are inconsistent.  Because over time, confidence can shift, looks, styles and standards can and inevitably will...change.

So what happens to your feeling sexy when these occurrences or changes begin to unfold?  Is your sexy gone with the wind and if so, do you simply succumb to the feeling of being unsexy?  Well, not necessarily because here's the rub, the feeling of feeling sexy actually never changes...you do.

That's right, the feeling of feeling sexy never changes and most certainly never goes away.  It's a feeling that will always stay exactly where you left it.

We'll dive a little deeper into some fun facts about feeling sexy on my next post...in the interim, what are your thoughts on the subject of Feeling sexy 24/7 ?

Next Post:  The Road to Feeling Sexy 24/7 for Life.

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