Feelin Good Today

  • Feelin Sexy 24/7 Part II - The Road to Feeling Sexy 24/7 for Life

    In order to understand the true nature of feeling sexy, the first step would be to remove the sexy and or sex from the equation.  It may sound coun...
  • Good Day

    With all the negativity you can find in this world, it's nice to be able to take a mental break with a small dose of positivity on the side.  We ho...
  • The Erotica Files - Kinky Bedtime Stories for Grownups :)

    Tales From The Dark Side       Case Number: 24769.......Barbie Part I     I found Kenneth Bowells to be one of my more interesting case studies for...
  • Feelin Sexy Hustlers

    Introducing our T-shirts and Sweats for the go-getter in all of us!
  • Feelin Sexy 24/7 Part I

    "When you hear the phrase "feeling sexy" what comes to mind?  Confidence? Attractiveness?  Or does some other social standard come into view?"

    Exploring the myths and reality of feeling sexy.

  • Feelin Sexy Kinksta - A step above Kink

    "To kink, or not to kink...that is the question."

    William Kinkespeare

  • Feelin Sexy Kinkstas

    A Kinksta is the one, who has been enlightened by perspectives that reside just beyond the constraints of their peers.  They are the spiritual bein...